Monday, August 28, 2006

The Morning after Pill for Pat Strachota's Morning after Bill.

Hi folks,

Looks like banning the Morning-After Pill did not work out so well for the moralist mullahs in Washington this week. The FDA has "approved over-the-counter sales of the “morning after” contraceptive pill to those 18 and older," according to the NY Times.

But over a year ago, while all that noise was beginning to happen on the national level, our own Kettle Moraine mullahs -- in the persons of Glenn Grothman and Rep. Pat Strachota -- were busily attempting to correct the morality of the University of Wisconsin by introducing Assembly Bill 343:

An Act to create 36.11 (49) of the statutes; relating to: prohibiting
the University of Wisconsin System from advertising the availability of,
prescribing, and dispensing certain hormonal medication or combination
of medications and prohibiting persons from advertising, prescribing, or
dispensing the medication or combination of medications on University of
Wisconsin System property. (FE)

Birth control is legal in this country and is not even a matter of Constitutional debate. Abortion is also legal in this country and has been certified as such by Supreme Court decisions -- and by a majority of perfectly moral Americans. For Glenn and Pat to introduce legislation like this that affects not only the constitutionally guaranteed rights of Americans but the academic freedom of one of America's best universities is... well, it's just too weird.

  • By sponsoring this legislation they are, in effect, arguing that they have the right to legislatively finish the rapist's work by forcing a woman to allow implantation of a fertilized egg after that same woman has been forced, violently, to have her egg fertilized. -- but I also know Pat and Glenn a little bit and find it hard to imagine they would do something like this on purpose. It seems more likely they simply hadn't thought it through very carefully.
  • Oh, and they are also arguing that the Legislature has the right to impose it's own political agendas on the University. Plato, in his famous text, The Republic has a lot to say about politics, and a lot to say about politicians like Glenn and Pat -- should the Legislature have the right to keep me from teaching Wisconsin college students about the history of democracy?

I notice that Rep. Strachota claims she has a BA in Government so presumably she should've known better -- but introduced this legislation anyway.

How does that make any sense?

It doesn't.


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