Monday, August 21, 2006

Banning Marriage in Wisconsin?

Hi folks,

Fair Wisconsin [a post-Enlightenment group formed to oppose the attempt to ban civil unions in Wisconsin] is getting guff from The Family Research Institute of Wisconsin [a pre-Enlightenment group formed to return Wisconsin to a Disney soaked fantasy world that never existed].

To wit: the pre-Enlightenment group is insisting that *everyone* in the state of Wisconsin fall in line with their own narrow religious views about what marriage should be.

I had a problem understanding some of the FRIoW's thinking here:

Marriage, as a religious institution, is not something a civil state should recognize. My copy of the US Constitution actually prohibits the government from establishing laws concerning religious practices. It does that because government shouldn't be in the business of enforcing one group's religious beliefs on another's. They're doing that in Iran right now and while you might argue that, well, they don't mind... it really isn't us, is it?

America isn't a religious dictatorship; not yet anyway. Shoot, we're not even a single culture... we're a bunch of people from different worlds all trying to live together. You don't do that by insisting that only your personal religious views are right for everyone else.

One of their arguments is that the traditional definition of marriage is limited to one man and one woman and that it is sanctioned by our religious heritage. Um, right. What if I insisted, for instance, that the correct Biblical view of marriage was Soloman's? He was famously wise. God said so. On those grounds any marriage that doesn't include 1000's of wives and concubines should be outlawed, since they do not meet the proper Biblical definition of a proper marriage.

Jesus would've had to make a LOT more wine for that reception at Cana. [here it is, btw.]

Anyway, I'm not convinced that they're real Christians anyway. They quote Hosea 4:6 in their literature: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." I see remarkably little compassion or mercy in their version of Christianity, much less in their version of Christian marriage.

Why is it Christian fundamentalists so often take refuge in the Old Testament whenever the New Testament asks them to do something they don't like?

Always wondered about that.


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