Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Spiritual nourishment for a Happy New Year.

Happy New Year everyone,

As our government dances along the razor's edge separating prosperity from greed, I thought I'd drop this little spiritual reminder into the pond of the virtual universe -- like a pebble into the pond of the New Year.
"Working men have been surrendered, isolated and helpless, to the hard-heartedness of employers and the greed of unchecked competition…so that a small number of very rich men have been able to lay upon the teeming masses of the laboring poor a yoke little better than that of slavery."
Let's remember to enjoy our lives this year. Here's a place to start, by remembering. Here we go.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Conservative Psyche: How Ordinary People Come to Embrace Paul Ryan's Cruelty

The Conservative Psyche: How Ordinary People Come to Embrace Paul Ryan's Cruelty | Alternet
Earlier this year, Democratic operatives looking for the best way to define Mitt Romney discovered something interesting about Paul Ryan's budget. The New York Times reported that when the details of his proposals were run past focus groups, they found that the plan is so cruel that voters “ simply refused to believe any politician would do such a thing.”

And that's why they succeed.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Paul Ryan, Keynesian?? Here's his Support Of the Keynesian Stimulus.

This gets better and better.

Mitt and Paul?  More like Mutt and Jeff.

Paul Ryan Support Of Stimulus - Business Insider

MSNBC's Chris Hayes has unearthed a straight-up gem of a video from February 14, 2002, wherein Representative Paul Ryan gives a full-throated defense of stimulus to get the country out of recession.
What's key here is not just that Ryan supported stimulus then, it's that he supported it for explicitly Keynesian reasons, including the idea that spending money during a recession would then juice the economy to improve government revenues down the road. And in addition to supporting tax cuts, he explicitly supports things like unemployment insurance and ongoing support for healthcare.
The whole segment will blow your mind.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/paul-ryan-support-of-stimulus-2012-8#ixzz241E7dv7V

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Knowledge is Power. Ryan's stock trades very profitable.

Reported in the UK Guardian.

Paul Ryan sold shares on same day as private briefing of banking crisis.
Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's vice-presidential running mate, sold stock in US banks on the same day he attended a confidential meeting where top level officials disclosed the sector was heading for a deep crisis.

For more, here's the link.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

National Catholic Reporter says Romney is not truly pro-life.

Imposing policies that create more abortions is infinitely worse than policies that merely allow for abortions.  Someone at the Catholic Reporter thought this through carefully.

Which presidential candidate is truly pro-life? | National Catholic Reporter


For example, Obama's Affordable Care Act does not pay for abortions. In Massachusetts, Romney's health care law does. Obama favors, and included in the Affordable Care Act, $250 million of support for vulnerable pregnant women and alternatives to abortion. This support will make abortions much less likely, since most abortions are economic. Romney, on the other hand, has endorsed Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan's budget, which will cut hundreds of millions of dollars out of the federal plans that support poor women. The undoubted effect: The number of abortions in the United States will increase. On these facts, Obama is much more pro-life than Romney.

But let's not stop there. Obama does not financially profit from the abortion industry. Romney does. Bain Capital, in the time Romney was listed as its legal head and even when he was attending Bain board meetings, was an owner of Stericycle, a major disposer of the dead bodies of aborted children in the United States. (See: Romney Invested in Medical-Waste Firm That Disposed of Aborted Fetuses, Government Documents Show.) Bain owned a share of Stericycle until 2004, selling its interest for a profit in the tens of millions of dollars. We can parse what Romney's 1999 "retroactive retirement" from Bain means, but he still gets an annual payout from the firm. To the extent those dollars are part of Bain's Stericycle profits, a strong argument exists that Romney is an abortion profiteer. How pro-life is that?


No kidding.

David Stockman says so: Paul Ryan’s Fairy-Tale Budget Plan

Mr. Stockman was right -- and more courageous than most -- when he told Ronald Reagan the truth and he's right now.  Ryan's playing in the fantasy economics league.

Paul Ryan’s Fairy-Tale Budget Plan - NYTimes.com

The greatest regulatory problem — far more urgent that the environmental marginalia Mitt Romney has fumed about — is that the giant Wall Street banks remain dangerous quasi-wards of the state and are inexorably prone to speculative abuse of taxpayer-insured deposits and the Fed’s cheap money. Forget about “too big to fail.” These banks are too big to exist — too big to manage internally and to regulate externally. They need to be broken up by regulatory decree. Instead, the Romney-Ryan ticket attacks the pointless Dodd-Frank regulatory overhaul, when what’s needed is a restoration of Glass-Steagall, the Depression-era legislation that separated commercial and investment banking.